The New Mrs. Dog the Bounty Hunter: Get to Know Moon Angell

The New Mrs. Dog the Bounty Hunter: Get to Know Moon Angell

Who Is Dog the Bounty Hunters New Wife?

Dog the Bounty Hunter, aka Duane Chapman, has had a tumultuous road to love. From his first marriage in 1972, to later marrying and divorcing two other individuals, Chapman met and fell in love with Francie Frane – now happily married and his current wife. Here’s everything you need to know about who is Dog the Bounty Hunter’s new wife:

Francie Frane is a 51 year old rancher from Colorado. According to multiple reports, she was friends with Beth Chapman (previously married to Dog) prior to her passing in 2019. This may be why their relationship started out as simply being friends before it turned into something more romantic.

Though speculation of Chapman’s rebound with another woman rumors has been circulating since June, they finally made it official by confirming their engagement on May 19th via an impromptu press conference disguised as a Zoom call (as per usual in our current moment). Both parties wore t-shirts that displayed “Big Daddy & Big Mama” over their hearts – marking an endearing sign of unity between them and proclaiming how special this new journey is for both of them.

While we’re not privy to much details about Frane aside from some pictures posted on Instagram stories, there are numerous sources claiming that she is A) gorgeous, B) down-to-earth C) devotedly religious – all qualities that make her perfectly compatible for Chapman; traits which ensure success within their future relationship endeavors. Outside of logistics regarding work and lifestyle expectations associated with her and her husband’s reality TV show production crew and related career responsibilities (i.e hopefully soon cameras following her around), once can be rest assured offering finality behind the question: Who is Dog the Bounty Hunters New Wife?

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Step by Step: Facts About Their Relationship

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FAQs About Dog the Bounty Hunter and His New Wife

Q. How did Dog the Bounty Hunter and his new wife meet?

A. Dog the Bounty Hunter and his new wife Moon Angell first met when she was a friend of his late wife Beth Chapman, who passed away in June 2019. According to reports, Dog and Moon were initially friends after Beth’s passing but decided to take their relationship one step further earlier this year. In an interview with The Dr. Oz Show, Dog explained that he’d been a bachelor for two years before meeting Moon and asked her out on a date shortly afterwards.

Q. What does Dog’s new wife do for a living?

A. Before getting married to Dog, Moon had worked as a makeup artist in Colorado for more than 10 years. She has also made occasional appearances on Camera Ready Cosmetics (CRC), the online beauty supply store owned by her now husband’s daughter Lyssa Chapman, where she promotes several makeup brands on her personal page as well as talking about beauty tips.

Q. What is Dog’s opinion of marriage?

A: Despite having experienced heartbreak following the death of his beloved wife Beth Chapman two years ago, Dog has always held high regards for marriage and its sanctity even before getting down on one knee to propose to Moon Angell earlier this year. In an episode of “Dog & Beth: Fight of Their Lives” aired in 2018 while referring to marriage he said “Liebesleben uumartet mich sehr (Love life changes me very much) . It adds purpose, it adds zest – without them I feel lost…” indicating that he would be happy to have someone back in his life so soon after losing his late beloved wife Beth due to throat cancer when was just 51-years-old last year leaving him empty hearted and soulful .

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