How to Get a Dog UnstonedThe Essential Guide to Helping Your Dog Get Unstoned Quickly

How to Get a Dog UnstonedThe Essential Guide to Helping Your Dog Get Unstoned Quickly

What Causes a Dog to Become Stoned?

When we hear the phrase “stoned dog”, it’s easy to conjure up some funny images. However, there is nothing funny about a dog that has been affected by marijuana ingestion; in fact, it can be a potentially dangerous situation.

In most cases of canine intoxication, the ingestion of marijuana is responsible. It is believed dogs can become stoned or intoxicated after ingesting various forms of marijuana including buds, stems, leaves and even edibles such as brownies or gummy bears. Much like humans dogs are capable of occupying psychosis from high quantities of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the active compound in cannabis. Dogs can experience a range of physical and mental effects with depression, disorientation and restlessness being among the common symptoms exhibited when under its influence.

The exact cause for why certain animals appear to exhibit this behavior more than others remains unclear although experts suggest different factors such as age and breed may play a part. Smaller breeds are often more prone to displaying these behaviors due to their higher levels of acute senses as well as an increased tendency towards developing anxiety disorders or having reactions to certain environmental stimulation.

It cannot be stressed enough how serious marijuana poisoning in dogs can be—in extreme cases dogs may suffer seizures that require veterinary attention. As such, owners should always strive to make their homes safe places where pets cannot access illicit substances or any other material they could potentially digest without permission—this includes alcohol! Furthermore dog owners should seek out help from veterinarians if their pet has consumed something unknown or exhibits any kind of strange behavior afterwards; early detection and treatment could potentially save your pet’s life!

What are the Symptoms of a Stoned Dog?

It can be tricky to diagnose if a dog is stoned as many of the symptoms are similar to other conditions they may be under. However, there are some telltale signs to look out for that may help you determine whether your pup is experiencing the effects of marijuana.

First and foremost is an altered state of consciousness marked by lethargy and drowsiness. Your canine’s pupils will likely be significantly dilated, with them being much larger than normal. This can lead to periods of intense distraction or reduced senses, making it difficult for them to maintain a focused mental state. Plus, they may have trouble responding quickly when called upon or issued simple commands during this time. Especially if playing with the dog, you could notice odd behavior like clumsiness or difficulty completing physical tasks such as jumping due to their altered coordination response time.

Another possible symptom of a stoned pup is redness along their eyes or eyelids. This could easily be mistaken for typical “doggy smell” so keep an eye out for unusual changes in color or texture around the face area which can indicate cannabis ingestion. You could also see occasional trembling of their entire body despite there not being any external stimuli or distress causing them obvious discomfort at the time. This shaking can last several minutes once it starts so even if your pet seems relaxed again afterwards, it was likely caused by the THC present in their system earlier before it had worn off yet at that point still.

If you’re discovering these outward signs after noticing a strange smell emitting from your pup’s body, then chances are they have ingested marijuana either through food/baked goods laced with cannabinoids or secondhand smoke ingested while in a space where someone else has been smoking weed recently (even if all windows were opened). To make matters more complicated though – not all dogs react negatively after ingesting cannabis – but if you do suspect anything reach out right away to discuss any potential health issues and safety concerns related with treating potentially stoned pup safely!

How Can I Prevent My Dog From Getting Stoned?

No matter the breed or size, there are actual steps we can take to ensure our dogs don’t accidentally succumb to the effects of marijuana ingestion.

The first step is making sure your own stash is inaccessible to your dog. Dogs are curious animals and given their propensity for rummaging through garbage and routinely eating things they shouldn’t, it’s important not to leave any edibles associated with your cannabis in easy-to-reach locations. This means if you smoke out at home, make sure no roaches or joints are anywhere where your pup could get ahold of them and ingest them!

If you happen to have an outdoor grow or store marijuana plants in a special cabinet or closet for safety measures, it’s essential to use childproof locks if the handler is not actively watching over the dog. Locking up all areas containing THC will come in handy if enough time passes without anyone paying attention—dogs can be quite adept escape artists when left alone long enough!

Any time away from home also poses a potential risk around places like parks or events attended by other cannabis users who may forget that not everyone has the same guidelines about leaving behind consumed products for pets to discover. As tempting as those chewed pieces of rolling paper may look lying on streets and sidewalks alike, even something as small as this poses a major danger—a digestion hazard that should be totally avoided. The last thing you want is an uncomfortable (and stoned) pooch lacking appetite!

Finally, teach good behaviors early on so that if necessary Fido understands commands like “leave it” whenever temptations arise from strange smells and such outside environments. training your pup to obey certain requests should never be overlooked; our furry friends rely on us humans for guidance and now’s definitely the time for preventing future issues through consistent reinforcement techniques involving positive rewards along reward systems that work best with each particular pet!

How Do I Get My Dog Unstoned?

If your pup appears to be “stoned,” it’s possible they have gotten into a psychoactive substance such as marijuana. Dogs can become overly tuckered out and less alert due to this kind of exposure. To ensure your furry friend is taken care of, there are several steps you can take:

1) If your dog has ingested something, do not induce vomiting or administer any medication without consulting with a veterinary professional first.

2) Take the dog outside for fresh air and a walk, if possible. The fresh air might help clear their head, but don’t push them too much if they appear weak or lethargic – just let them move at their own pace in a safe environment.

3) Once the immediate effects of being stoned begin to wear off, keep an eye on them and watch for signs of further distress such as difficulty controlling movements or shallow breathing; contact your vet immediately if these occur.

4) Monitor their food and water intake – eating and drinking may help reduce any nausea associated with ingesting marijuana.

5) Let them rest in a comfortable area without stressors like loud noises, new people/animals or foods that could upset their stomachs further; lavender oil can also soothe anxious pups, while giving them time to recover from whatever substances they’ve encountered.

6) Always be sure to store all potentially dangerous items safely out of reach when not in use; check regularly for anything suspicious lying around and make sure kids know what’s safe to touch/put in their mouths!

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